Fly Your Freak Flag High

Who is a freak? Are you a freak? Are you ashamed to admit this?

I had the pleasure of attending a work shop with Leslie Ehm hosted by Ad Lounge in preparation for the amazing Next Gen Dinner Series. She was the bomb dot com!! She gave us a lot to be think about and left us feeling really excited to be alive and that much better for meeting her. Her authenticity is effortless – the way its suppose to be! Her sincerity is genuine – you can’t help but like her and you want to listen to her. She was a ball of energy, her passion was palpable, her excitement was contagious and she had the room buzzing! If you ever want help developing your brand and a life changing experience all in; she is the person to call!! Leslie shared 5 lessons on freak flag flying and with each lesson she dropped truth bombs. These lessons are timely and I wanna share 3 of these lessons with you.

Leslie Ehm – President and Chief Fire Starter at COMBUSTION TRAINING

Lesson 1 – Don’t worry about how they will react; worry if they don’t!!

Be proud of who you are! Celebrate your personality and don’t be preoccupied with the acceptance of others! Find out what makes you unique and own it. At the heart of this lesson is the principle that a reaction from someone means you have their attention. There is something interesting or intriguing about you, that is worth noticing. Even if the reaction was less than ideal, it means you are memorable, your task is to ensure that you are memorable in positive way. No reaction means, you aren’t worth the space in their memory. You are as exciting as a can of white paint! Think of creative ways that you can get the desired reaction from someone; be it a prospective boss or a love interest.

How can you get them to react? Ponder that question as you read on.

Lesson 2 – It’s better to stand out than it is to fit in; but standing out is harder.

It is better for you if you stand, for the obvious and not so obvious reasons. To stand out is to differentiate yourself from the crowd.You will be noticed more, you will gain the attention of the persons you want to notice you and be interested. Standing out means you have something no one else has, and that makes you indispensable! If you stand, let it be for something extraordinary, so for something good!  It means being your authentic self and maintaining who that person is all the time. The demand for a strong sense of self is high. You must know who you are and what you want. Be firm about that and be proud of it! Be the one wearing red in a sea of black!! It won’t be easy, especially when societal influences are so overt and covert in their messages. If you don’t know what makes you stand out; you need to spend some quality time alone in a quiet space and in a non judgmental way; think about who you are and what you bring to the table. How would a company benefit by having you as a member of the team? When you have this answer be able to use 1 word and also 1 sentence to communicate this quality.

Is it really better to stand out and how can you do this? Mull this over as you read on.

Lesson 3 – Swag is everything; be the swag you want to see in the world.

Your answer should be reflected in your style, deportment, choices and what you stand for. To have swag also means have you unshakable self belief and self confidence. You rise to the occasion and you are comfortable in discomfort. You know that challenges are designed to help you grow. Swag should move beyond the realm of fashion, and impact your interactions. Your swag is finding something you believe in and are passionate about and taking it a step further by adding your voice.  Whatever you think is deficient in the world, offer that – be that! You should also ask yourself, will this make me employable and if so, how? How can you add value wherever you go?

What does swag mean to you?

Whatever swag means, what ever standing out means, whatever needs to be done to get a reaction all comes down to you! Do you, because no one else can do it better. Find your unique quality –  work your quirk!! In doing so, your most authentic self will emerge and when you find that person, hand them a flag so they can wave it high!!

Until next time remember – “You can be the lead in your own life.” – Kerry Washington




Photo credit: Ideasicle
Photo credit: Fly Your Freak Flag



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